Surmodics StabilBlot Family

Blocking buffers that enhance sensitivity and minimize background in blotting applications.

Western blotting, also known as immunoblotting, is a method used to detect a target protein. Western blotting combines the protein separation capabilities of PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) and immunochemistry to detect these target proteins from a complex matrix such as cell or tissue lysate.

Membranes used in western blotting are porous and should be blocked to avoid non-specific binding and background. Our StabilBlot Blocker Family offers a range of options, both protein-based and synthetic-based, to block non-specific binding as well as enhance sensitivity when used as a blocker and antibody diluent.

StabilBlot™ Protein-Free Blocker
Product Number: SB01-0125-01 (125 mL)
Product Number: SB01-1000-01 (1000 mL)>>

StabilBlot™ BSA Blocker
Product Number: SB02-0125-01 (125 mL)
Product Number: SB02-1000-01 (1000 mL)

StabilBlot™ Casein Blocker (5X, PBS)
Product Number: SB03-0025-01 (25 mL)
Product Number: SB03-0125-01 (125 mL)
Product Number: SB03-1000-01 (1000 mL)>>

StabilBlot™ Milk Blocker (10X)
Product Number: SB04-0015-01 (15 mL)
Product Number: SB04-0125-01 (125 mL)
Product Number: SB04-1000-01 (1000 mL)>>

StabilBlot™ Casein Blocker (5X, TBS)
Product Number: SB05-0025-01 (25 mL)
Product Number: SB05-0125-01 (125 mL)
Product Number: SB05-1000-01 (1000 mL)